About our on-line programs & services

Welcome to our unique online program for our francophone friends coming from the Maghreb

Our planet is rapidly shrinking into a global village with its mosaic of nations, languages and faiths that now can interact and learn from one another via the internet.  This freshly-minted global reality fits perfectly with the futurist vision given in the Biblical scriptures that

… a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.(Revelation 7:9)

We at Faith Baptist are leveraging our bilingual Anglo-Franco provincial make-up to invite our Francophone friends from the nations of North Africa to investigate together what this futurist biblical vision really means.  We will chart new paths to develop spiritual meaning through exploring sacred texts, historic events and social evidence.  Our goal is to forge connections within small affinity groups that promote self-reflection, dialogue, and aid in negotiating meaning.

To do this we are providing the following services

  • talk, discuss, interact and understand historical Biblical texts in online groups
  • offer French and English options to improve second language abilities-
  • webcast one minute English audio programs to both help improve English comprehension while at the same time obtaining an exposure to key biblical concepts.
  • host live online webinars to provide context for promoting better dialogue to the benefit of peace.

These online programs and services are available for our francophone friends here.  To help participants have an initial insight of the common ground that we share, we provide an extensive series of articles covering biblical themes in a culturally sensitive manner.  We start at the beginning of the biblical story and touch down chronologically on the major biblical themes of the Old Testament as well as provide snapshots of Jesus’ life and ministry from the gospels, using culturally familiar terminology (see representative articles on the right side-bar).  This allows participants to understand what we share in common instead of what separates.

We desire to increase our base of native English volunteers who can interact in social media forums.  If you are interested in participating as a volunteer in such a program please apply (here)

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